Welcome to SWDES

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...where software design is at home

Thank you for your interest and visit at SWDES!

At SWDES it's about software design and anything connected to it. In particular it's about software architecture, system interfaces, design patterns, framework engineering, data modeling and code design. The focus is more on the general design and its higher-order relevance for many software projects and lesser on single technical details of a concrete realization. In particular innovative software design shall not miss out in this context. These topics are not restricted to a certain technological platform or programming language.

SWDES provides you an offer of information and contributions, a platform for the exchange with other users, resources to download and much more. However, some contents and services are just available to you after you log in with your user account. The registration of a user account at SWDES is absolutely for free and very quick to do.

Futhermore you are invited to support SWDES with qualified contributions about the software design topics, may it be contents like articles or may it be suitable resources (software, documents, etc.) which you wish to publish on SWDES 1). SWDES gives you the freedom to publish your contributions and resources under a license choosen by yourself 2), that means the usual obligation to publish under an open source license is not given here.

SWDES is also the home of innovative software projects and the Liberal Licenses. The Liberal Licenses are innovative public licenses, which are suitable for any material protected by copyright laws, in particular software. Read here more about it...



1) The system rights and the actual publishing will depend on the quality of the provided material
2) With certain (necessary) restrictions and under certain (legal) requirements