Rules for contributions

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Some users of this web site have the possibility to publish their own content and works (hereinafter referred to as "contributions") on this web site. Examples are comments, topics and contributions in forums and blogs, articles and web pages, books and multimedia content, software, source codes, etc. If you are a user with such an possibility, then the following regulations apply to you as well beside others, even if you did not request for such an possibility.

Every user with an unlocked user account of this web site can get in touch with us to ask for the possibility to publish contributions or to extend this possibility. Preferribly you send an email to:

But generally there is no legal claim to get unlocked authorizations in the system of this web site. The unlimited domestic authority of the owner or operator shall be applied.


Your possibilities to contibute

If you get the possibility and permission to publish contributions, as well as preconditions, kind, extent, quantity, allowed content, allowed formats, allowed licenses etc. of contributions you can publish, will be our (owners or operators of this web site) decision. Our decision will generally be expressed by technically unlocking or not unlocking rights in the system of this web site, but may also be amended or replaced by notifications by us to you. You covenant to follow each and every decision we make regarding the possibility or permission to publish contributions.

Even if you have the possibility and permission to publish contributions, we can reject individual contributions, means prevent or forbid the publishing, as well as withdraw already published contributions, and remove them from the system, means delete them, anytime. Generally, your contributions will be checked in an orderly workflow, and depending on their licenses, agreements with you, content, context etc. possibly adapted, before the actual publishing is possible and permitted. The goal of these restrictions is to prevent the infringement of rights, laws or terms of use, as well as to achieve a minimum of quality, relevance for the topic etc. But there is no legal claim to get your contributions checked and there is no duty for us to do so. You shall provide your contributions ready for publishing without alterations.

Your possibilities to publish contributions may be restricted as well due to circumstances where availabilities of technical or human resources are temporarily not given or restricted. You accept that we cannot realize a 100% availability due to limited technical and human resources.