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the Licensed Material is necessary for this purpose, but not otherwise. Your has a corresponding meaning.

  • Third party means individual(s) or entity(ies), which are not You, not the Licensor and consequently not Licensee within the scope of this Public License.

  • Public means accessible and available to the general public, and thus to Third Parties, no matter at which times, at which locations and by which media and technologies the accessibility or the availability is given, if the accessibility and availability for the general public is not restricted by protective measures, such as encryption, obfuscation, geo-blocking, or password protection. Publicly, Published, Publishing and Publication have a corresponding meaning.

  • NonPublic means not accessible to the general public and Third Parties and not available for the general public and Third Parties, irrespective of times, locations, media and technologies. NonPublicly has a corresponding meaning.

  • Share means to provide material to Third Parties or the Public by any means or process that requires permission under the Licensed Rights, such as reproduction, public display or execution, public performance, distribution, dissemination, communication, or importation, and to make material available or to transmit respectively upload material to whatever medium, in ways that Third Parties or members of the Public may access the material . This applies even though the material is made available bundled with or bounded to not licensed materials or as a part of a larger work. Sharing has a corresponding meaning.

  • Blacklist means an actual or an imaginary list of countries with a significant lack of realized fundamental freedoms like human rights, civil rights, political rights and democratization, beyond a certain extend. For purposes of this Public License this list of countries is determined by the „Freedom in the World“-Report from the respective past year, published by Freedom House (, as well as the „Democracy Index“-Report from the respective past year, published by The Economist Intelligence Unit ( in the manner, that countries which are assessed in at least one of the two indices in its overall assessment with a value of less than the half of the maximum value are considered to be on that list and therefore are excluded from the Sharing of the Licensed Material. To Share the Licensed Material with, respectively to pass the Licensed Material to, these countries and their institutions, as well as the import of the Licensed Material into the territory of these countries, also as a part of a larger

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